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My Angel  
Javarus( Wankster) loved me more than words can and will ever  express. He once gave me a recipe about how much he loved me and what made happiness. I still read that recipe but now I have added tears to this recipe. My baby boy loved Scooby Doo, so much that I buried his Scooby Doo pillow with him, I've even put a Scooby Doo statue on his Grave. I miss you my son and you will always be with me. Gone but not forgotten my Wankster. Here is the recipe for happiness he wrote this when he was in the eighth grade.

                 2 cups of patience
                1 heart full of love
               2 hands full of generosity and a dash of laughter
               1 handful of understanding, sprinkle generosity with kindness and plenty of faith. MIx well, spread over a period of a lifetime and serve everyone like me.

Javarus a child that loved everyone.  
My  son Javarus McCormick for a long time was my protector. When I was in my first marriage and I worked two jobs to keep everything together, my baby boy would sometimes put me to bed, he would never leave my side. I would send him to camp so that he would get to know people of all races etc. He was a member of  4H and was a good piano player. I was and still am very proud of my son. I put all of his awards on the highest shelf in my house, as a  way of showing that I give high regards for the hard work that he did. Javarus I know that you would have made a difference in the world if only given a chance to stay here on earth. Javarus I still smile behind all of my tears because I know that you are making everyone in heaven laugh. My baby boy, my gentle giant, my Wankster you are so loved and missed by all. Please watch over us all and please continue to take care of your mom because I still need you to protect me now more than ever now that you are not here with me. Javarus please make sure that your mom is alright and lives the correct life so that I will see you again . I love you my son! Your mom Angela Pittman, 
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