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Born in North Carolina on October 21, 1988. Javarus was a blessing from the start. He weighed in at 10 lbs. but the doctor said that the scale must be broken he had to be at least 12 lbs. I called Javarus my Wankster my gentle giant because as a baby he was always into things, always out to conquer the unknown. He was not afraid to take on projects or to fail he would say "oh well I tried" I loved that about him he did not let what others say bother him. My Javarus was a talented boy and I have all the medals, certificates and trophys to prove it, I just wish I had him. I love you sweetheart you mom.

 The date was November 13, 2005 the day my world came tumbling down. I overheard my son Jamie on the telephone saying where did the accident happen at. I asked him had there been an accident and he said yes.  I then asked if Javarus was in the accident he said yes and it was down the road,
 my baby and his friends were coming home. I went to the accident and what I remember most was all the police cars and lights flashing, I knew it had to be bad. I asked one of the policemen if I could see my son he said please go to the hospital. I asked a fireman if I could see Javarus and if he was dead the firemen told me we are trying to help him and please go to the hospital . I could look in the fireman's eyes and they told the story my sweet boy was gone. One of the policemen told my son Jamie that it was not looking good for Javarus but there was still some hope.
  I drove back home and Jamie and I got in the car together. I screamed, prayed, and cried all the way to the hospital and when we got there I could not believe my eyes there were people everywhere.   There had been three accidents and families were crying and wanting answers. When they finally called for the family of Javarus, I stepped up and they said come with me. They told me we will let you see him and beaware he has tubes in his mouth. When I so my baby I cried, rubbed his face and begged him not to die. I was told that he would be airliftted and that he would not live pass three days.
 My Javarus had a scrape on his forehead but nothing else I said to myself he will be okay but deep inside I knew my precious baby would not be coming home again. Javarus was sent to Duke Medical Center and my husband and I drove there. I asked God for a miracle and to please not take my baby  from me. I went to his bedside I cried more rubbed his hand and made sure the sheet was covering him. I talked to him the best that I could and walked out and broke down in the next room. My husband kept me posted and he would tell me that he would get better. I went back in the room still crying and asking Javarus to get better. He never woke up again.
 Javarus was on life support and I could not bear seeing him like that he was to full of life to be kept like that. Several doctors came in and told me they were doing different test and that Javarus had closed head trauma. I knew what that meant and I cried, "oh how I cried". I asked them to wait and maybe he would wake up, especially if he heard my voice
  I had to make some decisions and they were hard ones. On Tuesday November 15,2005 two days after an accident that he did not cause, just a passenger. I took him off life support more test were done and I was informed that he could not breathe on his on. I really fall all to pieces, you see I still had hope.
  My son went to heaven and we never got the chance to say goodbye. I long for him and theres not a day that  goes by that I don't sit and think and yes I still cry for my precious boy who died so young. Javarus McCormick my Wankster REST IN PEACE. Organ donor  

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